A Little More About Me

I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada among all the bright lights and constant sounds of the casinos. When my family moved to Arizona when I was in junior high, it took me quite a while to get used to the complete silence in grocery stores, gas stations, etc... I attended high school in Flagstaff, AZ before moving to Lawton, OK and attending Cameron University my first year in college, and then the University of Oklahoma after that. I entered college as a music major (I was in choir, marching band, and orchestra all through high school) before discovering an interest in psychology during my first Intro Psych class. I kept taking classes and realized that I really enjoyed studying psych, so I added psychology first as a double major, and then eventually dropped the music major and continued to study psychology full-time. It took me a little longer to get through school, but doing something I really love is completely worth it!

In graduate school, I discovered that I also have passion for teaching. I enjoy working closely with students to help them learn about psychology. Many of the students taking my classes have never been exposed to psychology before, and since it is a general education class, I know that many will never be formally exposed to it again. Therefore, I try to make the most of the time I have with them by bringing my passion and enthusiasm to the classroom as best as I can. I am always learning new things about teaching, and I love that the field of psychology is constantly growing and changing!

I have lived in Norman for 23 years now. I have a wonderful husband, Anthony, and we have three children: Taylor, 21, Eli, 13, and Oliver, 8. With three kids that are so far apart in age, there always seems to be somewhere to go or something to do. They are usually going in completely different directions and keep us quite busy most days. Our house also includes two dogs (Willow is 97lbs and Albert is 15lbs, so they make a funny pair), a bearded dragon, and a hamster. Our house is quite hectic!

When I’m not teaching or providing some sort of shuttle service for the kids, I enjoy playing board games, outdoor family activities (zoo, parks), and spending time with family and friends. I also love to sing. I am a proud member of the Canterbury Voices chorus; you can see our performances at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City several times each year.

I am a big fan of technology, and I am always looking for the next cool gadget. My iPhone and I are best friends, and I am generally the one my family, friends, and colleagues come to with any sort of “how do I do this?” questions. I tend to also be an early adopter in the world of educational technology too, which can be either good or bad depending on if the technology works as planned!